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Blood, yes, lots of blood




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"The greatest happiness is to defeat your enemies, to drive them before you, to take from them all they possess, to see those they love in tears, to ride their horses, and to hold their wives and daughters in your arms." - Genghis Khan

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Hi hi. I haz Viking.

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"racism is a two way street"

yeah okay but one side has been used and abused and wrecked and unappreciated for centuries and the other got called cracker at the bus stop this tuesday

Yeah okay wow you’re fucking ignorant

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what men think women love to be called:

  • babe
  • baby
  • sweetie
  • honey
  • sexy

what women ACTUALLY like to be called:

  • lamp shade
  • broken chair
  • Samuel L Jackson
  • dirty dish rag
  • Mr.Clean
  • Joe Biden
  • what to heck
im a woman and i support this message
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What not to do on 9/11, starring AT&T, the $9.11 newspaper deal, and others

Oh no, Lakers. 

Its because america is milking a tragedy for money and sympathy

And the rest of the world doesn’t give a shit

Cry me a fucking river

It sucked and people died. Mourn not cash in

Fucking America no one likes you

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To the person who called me a bitch for saying girls shouldn’t ask men to pay for all their shit I said girls not women for a reason. Your point was valid but I’m not talking about people in serious relationships with babies or men who want to. So thanks for jumping to conclusions and feeling the need to attack me, Oh and when you said “it’s bitches like you who make women feel bad for not having high paying jobs” Calling another female a bitch does not make you any better then.

Wow opinion so nice

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I’m sick of all the shame and stigma around menstrual blood. In advertisements, the word ‘blood’ is never used, and we’re supposed to be ‘ladylike’ and secretive if we’re in public and giving a girl friend one of our tampons/pads to use. When I’m on my period, I bleed. Blood. From my vagina. Accept it.

Yeah and I shit poo from my assholeWhat’s your point?  You’re stupid

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I hate when girls say they want a guy who will pay for all their shit. Grow up and pay for your own shit little girl.

What if she carries and takes care of his childrem
And keeps his home clean
And makes sure he eats a balanced dinner at night
And reassures him when he doubts

Can he pay for some things then or does she have to do that also

Its bitches like you who shame women for not having a money making career to take care of literally everything and everyone else

If a woman wants a financially able man let her. A lot of men will support a family happily.

Not everything is about money. Family comes first.

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This is hard for me to post but I feel like it is important. I remember hating my face and hating my skin and looking at all the girls around me in middle school and on tv and in ads and feeling like I was a monstrosity in comparison. But I remember the first time I realized women plucked their eyebrows. And wore concealer. And foundation. And powder. I felt like I had been lied to about what women look like. After modeling and realizing when photographers asked for no makeup, they really meant the photo on the right. I started realizing that the photo on the right was what was in skincare ads and posted by people claiming in the caption to be wearing no makeup some of the time. The photo on the right is the bare minimum of what we expect women to look like when they wake up in the morning. I think makeup can be empowering, but I think that acknowledging that it isn’t natural is important. Modeling and wearing makeup so often makes me especially feel like its important to sometimes be uncomfortably honest about how much of the media we consume is altered in some way. Part of me wanted to wait until my skin was better to do this concept but I realized that was totally missing the point. Thanks for taking the time to read.Photography and Graphic Design by Mark Laubenheimer.

very important. thank you so much for doing this


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oh god I own so many metal shirts this is so embarrassing. And they’re all black ugh

seriously considering putting them all in one giant ebay auction to make a quick buck

i’ve already done this, some sucker out in the inland empire paid $25 for my emperor shirt

What the fuck

Go outside you fucking loser

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Cannibal Holocaust | 1980
This scene was examined by Italian courts to determine whether or not special effects were used.
When Cannibal Holocaust was originally released in Italy, people believed that it was a genuine snuff film, where actors were murdered so that their deaths could be made into a movie. The film was confiscated ten days after its premiere in Milan, and the director Ruggero Deodato was arrested. The actors had signed contracts with him ensuring that they would not appear publicly for one year after the films release, in order to promote the idea that the film was truly the recovered footage of missing documentarians.

They created the impaling effect by putting a bike seat on the lower half of the stick for the actress to sit on, while she balanced a piece of balsa wood in her mouth

oh my gosh that is interesting

Let’s not forget one of the big reasons he was arrested. Every animal killed in the movie, was actually killed for the filming…


A turtle.

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Marilyn Monroe VS Spock VS The Joker, presumably by Mr. Brainwash. Soho, NewYork
Photography by Ruddy Harootian

FUCK mr Brainwash he deserves jail.

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